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 Many spirit artist work as portrait artist. Some work with a "sitting spirit". The portrait is a very detailed drawing of a spirit. This type of art  takes an hour or so. The art work for me is very quick and is automatic, this means I have no control over who or what I am drawing. I depend on my guides to help me. I don't see the spirit or person that I am drawing. Sometimes I am not even drawing a person. I include this in my mediumship work.

Welcome to my website! I am so happy that you have come to visit.

I am an ordinary person with extortionary life experiences.

This is the only way I can describe my life. In 2007 my son passed away from a suicide. There was the life before that happened and the life after. I never thought I would get through the pain of losing a child but I did. Now this is my calling, to provide healing for you and our loved ones in the spirit world.

Growing up, I was a very sensitive child and I felt very different and out of sorts. I did not realize at the time that I was picking up on everyone else's emotions. I grew up seeing and hearing the spirit world but I just thought everyone was having the same experience as I was. In trying to heal from the death of my son, I sought out help from a medium. And it changed my life.  I now realize the gifts that I have can be used to help others heal from the pain of losing loved ones. My service is to you and your loved ones in spirit.  


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Hi Mrs. Geri Breen,

I am sorry it took me so long to send an email about my reading, but I didn’t get a chance to grab your card before leaving the Body Mind and Spirit Convention. I am not sure if you remember me, but I came to get a reading from you around 5 after my friend and I spoke with your husband for some time. Throughout the reading you spoke about a woman and a man who I could not remember and drew a picture of someone who I could not identify. After leaving from your reading I was determined to remember everything you said and ask my family if they had any idea who you may have been talking about. So, I wrote a list of details about my reading and spoke with my mother as soon as I got home. We figured out that the lady you first began describing(with dark hair who dyed it even in old age) was my great grandmother, Nana D. I had a clue that the lady may have been my Nana but some details you relayed I had never heard before; that is until I spoke with my mom. Everything you said about this lady was spot on! Next, you spoke about a man on my mother’s side who also had dark hair and served in a war. In all honesty I believe that I couldn’t remember who this was because I did not remember him passing. Again, I took notes on what you said and told my mother. She said without a doubt that it was her father(so my great grandfather, Grandpa Bob) who you were speaking about. Not only that, but when I showed her the picture you drew she gasped and said that it looked like her father. She then told me that she believed Nana D, Grandpa Bob, and another family member were my spiritual guides/angels. Having the conversation about your reading with my mother was a highlight of my day, so for that I thank you. I also want to thank you for continuing my reading even thought I did not remember who you were talking about. Finally, I want to thank you for the opportunity to receive a reading from you. It was a truly remarkable experience and I am so glad I chose you. I hope that you continue to foster your passion for connecting others with their passed family members, because without you I would not have been able to have this meaningful conversation with my mother. What you do is truly amazing work and I hope to get another reading from you somewhere down the line!

Thank you,



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