How to get the best reading!

How to get the most from a Reading!

Readings are not cheap, they can cost upwards of $150 for 30 minutes. Read the following tips to get the best reading possible. Be an informed sitter!

               Know the lingo

Is a medium and psychic the same?

Psychics are people who read energy- they can give you good advice and help you with life choices. They can talk about dead loved ones.

Mediums are people who speak with the dead. These can be spirit guides, dead loved ones, or other spirits. Mediums are psychics also.

Sitter- That is you!

Reader- Psychic or medium.

Picking a reader

Many people sign up for a reading and then tell me, “I was drawn to you”. To me, this is the best way to pick a reader. Your loved ones are directing you to the reader who will give you the best reading. 

If you don’t have a feeling or don’t trust your gut, get recommendations from friends or other people who have had a reading. 

Ok, you picked a medium/psychic for you, now what?

                        Be open

Most people come in with certain expectations. If you want Uncle Charlie to come through then tell him. 

How do you do that? Before the reading just say to yourself or out loud “Uncle Charlie, I would really like to talk to you today.” You can also ask him to help you find the right reader. Then let it go. He may or may not come through.

Some readers will ask if you have an expectation and if you do, I think it is ok to say yes, I want to talk to my “Uncle Charlie”. Just make sure that the reader gives you other evidence that they are really talking to Uncle Charlie.(see evidence below)

What if the reader doesn’t connect with the person you would like to connect with? I usually leave time for the sitter to ask questions at the end.  Sometimes dead loved ones don’t come through for one reason or another. Listen to the reader and take away what you can, it may not be possible for a connection at that time. The reader should be connecting with information or a person you recognize though. 

How do you know it is really your dead loved one?

The reader should give you 5 pieces of evidence that will help you identify the dead loved one. It should be things specific to that person. It is great for a reader to get names or locations but don’t depend on that for identification. It only happens about half the time for me.

 If the reader says, I have a fatherly man here,

 5 '10, black hair, who died of cancer. And you can take all of that, then your father is trying to communicate with you or someone who was like a father to you. If you can’t take most of that information the best thing to say is “I am not sure”. 

Even the best readers are only about 85% accurate.

Be aware that a reader may make interpretations, Example: (Names have been changed to protect the spirits)

 Reader: I have your Uncle here, he liked horses. (the reader may have seen horses running on a track and interrupted as Uncle Charlie liked to watch horse racing). 

Sitter: No, I don’t have an uncle who like horses

Reader: Did you have a relative that  liked to bet on horses? 

Sitter: No

Reader: Hmm, I see a man at the horse track. Did anyone go to the horse track?

Sitter: No

Reader gives up and moves on.

Later the sitter thinks about the reading and remembers that Uncle Charlie’s father owned a horse and raced the horse when Charlie was young. You missed out on the connection and the reader moved on.

What if the reader doesn’t connect with anyone you recognize?

Sitter amnesia is a real thing. Even as a medium, I will get readings and I won’t recognize a person till later. Be open to other spirits coming through. Great-aunt Minnie wants to give you a message but all you can think about is connecting with Uncle Charlie, well you just missed a message from Aunt Minnie. 

Be careful of the NO, NO, NO syndrome. It shuts out spirits and the reader will give up.