Is your Soul looking for healing?

All Healing is Self Healing

I believe that all healing is self directed. I believe our soul is seeking healing to awaken. We seek the healing of our soul to awaken to the life that we are. Part of awakening is to stop identifying with the thoughts of self. Who are you? If you answered- doctor, lawyer, teacher, mother, fire chief, then you have identified with your job. You aren't your job, you do your job but then who are? If you said female, male, then you are identifying with a gender role. Those are roles we play, and as we have seen this role is very fluid, people can change these roles. Then who are you?

I believe, the best way to answer this question is - we are one conscience awakening to life. If you let that be your identity, which isn't exactly correct but closer, then it takes a lot of pressure off of you. You are not your thoughts, you are a consciousness. The thoughts are just conditioned patterns our brain has created from our past. These patterns can help us stay safe (hot stove, don't touch) However, many people let these thoughts dictate life, "I am ........" Fill in the blank, but most likely it isn't really who you are. You may function in that role or do that job but really, you are the spaces between your thoughts, according to Eckart Tolle. There are no words for this space. The space is a feeling, an awareness. Putting words to this is our attempt to explain it. But it  can't be explained, only experienced. This is where healing begins. Letting go of the thoughts that dictate who you are, what you should be doing, how you failed, how you succeed, how you should___fill in the blank__. ON and ON and ON!!  Let go of the thoughts and you will begin to heal.